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Cerrazo Ultra Stain Remover - 500ML

For Tile Cleaning
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The Cerrazo Ultra Stain Remover is an acid-based liquid detergent/cleaner that is used to remove bad stains from your ceramic tile, marble, and terrazzo floors. It can effectively remove adhesive and grout stains from either a newly installed floor or stains from an old one.

When used properly this Cerrazo Ultra Stain Remover cleaner will help restore the floor to the original look and shine.


  1. Prepare the surface you wish to clean by sweeping, vacuuming, or dusting first. You should mask off any adjacent surfaces that need to be protected.
  2. Initially do not mix with water, you should apply the liquid to a small area first to see how easily the stain comes off. Please make sure you apply using a mop or sponge.
  3. Scrub difficult to remove areas with a soft brush, taking care not to damage the tiles.
  4. Mop up excess solution and allow to dry.
  5. Inspect the surface after it has dried. Repeat the above process if necessary.
Catalogue No. 77
Brand Ideal Standard
Color Grey
Size Medium
Coverage 9m2