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Ideal Standard White Tesi Aquablade Close Couple Toilet

Includes Toilet Seat & Flush Mechanism
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The Ideal Standard White Tesi Aquablade Close Couple Toilet will please you with comfortable, refreshing moments. The essential design comprises an open-backed close coupled WC pan with a horizontal outlet in a soft geometric style by Robin Levien, the famous bathroom products designer. It also features a water-efficient design with new AquaBlade® flushing technology and a completely hidden fixation system for a neat finish.

This WC toilet is fabricated from the best quality Vitreous China material to withstand the test of time. A smooth glossy white finish graces its appearance, while a Lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects supports its quality.

Product Features

  • Color: White
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Two Piece Toilet
  • Includes Top flush mechanism
  • Includes Soft Close Toilet Seat
  • Type: P-trap
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use
  • Toilet seat can be easily taken off for thorough cleaning

Aquablade® Flush Technology

AquaBlade is an award-winning, patented flush technology. It offers a superior flushing action, even with low water volume. The AquaBlade system is an intelligent innovation in flushing that gives a cleaner, quieter flush, thanks to a more innovative design, to offer unmatched hygiene. Upon flushing, the system creates a wall of water that cascades from the top of the toilet bowl, along with two powerful plumes of water, for energising flushing action. The toilet is designed so that it flush bacteria away with a powerful flushing system without splashing.

Aquablade® Flush Features

  • With simple, clean lines and contemporary styling, the unpleasant, overhanging rim is not visible - only the smooth curves are visible
  • 80% of the consumers prefer this technology over standard box rim and rimless toilets
  • It offers superior flush performance every time
  • Its unique design helps water flow from the top of the bowl, enabling 90% of the area to be rinsed clean
  • The internal channel generates a pressurised cascade of water that flows around the bowl
  • Two strong jets merge, and as a result, a powerful plume is formed that drives solid matter easily
  • Better hygiene with 100% of the surface area below the channel is rinsed clean.
  • Watch or download a video from the Additional Info Section showing how AquaBlade technology works
Aquablade Toilet Feature

Rimless Design

A rimless toilet does not have a brim at its edge, from which the water usually flows when you flush.

Aquablade Toilet Feature

Horizontal Outlet

When a pan has piping at the back, that gies into a wall, it is called a horizontal outlet toilet or pan.

Aquablade Toilet Feature

Soft Close Seat

Prevent the lid from slamming down onto the toilet seat when you let go of it.

Aquablade Toilet Feature

Aquablade Flush

AquaBlade is an award-winning, patented flush technology. It offers a superior flushing action.

Aquablade Toilet Feature


A glass-based enamel coating applied to porcelain, it makes the base material durable, denser and very glossy.

Aquablade Toilet Feature

Open-Back Toilet

Open-back toilets have a space at the back between the toilet bowl and the wall to access pipework.

Country of Origin Egypt
Catalogue No. T0082
Color White
Material Ceramic
Product Type Close Couple Toilet
Features Top Dual Flush Mechanism
Additional Thin Soft Close Seat
Flushing 6L / 3L
Style Close Coupled
Size Large
Shape Square
Brand Ideal Standard
Length (cm) 66.5
Height (cm) 78.5
Width (cm) 36.5
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