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Oli Happy Air Kit Plus

For Concealed Cisterns
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This Oli Happy Air Plus Kit is a system for air renewal.

The high-power and low-noise extractor eliminates odours directly from the toilet and steam in the bathroom via an elegant and discreet plate, installed in the bathroom wall or on the ceiling. This system removes odours in 30% from toilet and 70% from the bathroom.

Product Features

  • Melanine filter – noise reducion
  • 960 Lumen LED that can be turn on independently of the extractor
  • Humidity sensor that can be set to automatically turn on
  • Possible to adjust the operating time after the user switches the main power/light switch off (2min-20min)
  • It can be installed on the wall or ceiling
  • Activated by switch or sensor
  • Capacity 100m3 /h- 12W 34dB
  • Capacity 80m3 /h- 20W 38dB
  • High extraction capacity 80 m3/h
  • Can adjust between 65 m3/h and 80 m3/h
  • Compatible with OLI74 Plus cistern and all its control plates 
  • Removes 30% of odours
  • Removes 70% of condensation
  • Dual function on a single aspiration fan
  • Anti-back flow valve
  • Paintable cover panel

Technical Data

  • Frequency: 50hz
  • Power Supply: 220V
  • The extractor fan operates at 220V/50Hz
  • Active current: 0.14 A
  • Power: 31W
  • Insulation: IP35

Performance Data

  • Capacity 65m3/h- 22W 31dB
  • Capacity 80m3/h- 29W 35dB.
  • Maximum suction pressure: 184 Pa
  • Rotating speed: 1900rpm
Country of Origin Portugal
Catalogue No. 884340
Color White
Material Plastic
Features Can be installed on the wall or ceiling
Additional Removes 30% of odours and 70% of condensation
Style Wall Mounted
Size Medium
Shape Square
Brand Oli
Length (cm) 13
Height (cm) 25
Width (cm) 25