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TOTO White Alisei Close Couple Toilet Set

Includes Toilet Seat & Flush Mechanism
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Expertly designed from TOTO Japan, the TOTO White Alisei Close Couple Toilet Set is no ordinary toilet. This toilet has a beautiful round rimless design that is not only nicer to look at but also easier to clean. Without the round rim, bacteria can't build up making it also more hygienic than standard toilets.

The unique design of this rimless toilet paired with an internal dual flush cistern, will help save you money as well as the environment. Even though less water is used on every flush, that doesn't mean it's not as effective. Thanks to the design, the water is spread all over the toilet bowl to ensure it's completely clean.

TOTO is Japan's leading producer of sanitaryware and is a name that has been synonymous with the advancement of bathroom culture since its creation in 1917. Its technological innovations and high standard of quality have made it an iconic and much-loved brand in Japan.

Product Features

  • Unique sculpted design high profile Close Coupled Toilet
  • Wall-Faced Styling with concealed trapway for easy cleaning
  • TORNADO FLUSH for powerful flushing effect with less amount of water
  • CEFIONTECT Technology: super smooth, ion barrier glazing for a clean toilet bowl
  • RIMLESS DESIGN bowl ensures easy cleaning and ultimate hygiene
  • Dual Flush System helps save water
Country of Origin United Arab Emirates
Catalogue No. CW273PJWS
Color White
Material Ceramic
Features Flush System - Wash Down Tornado Flush
Additional Rough-In - 180mm
Flushing 4.5L / 3L
Style Close Coupled
Size Large
Shape Round
Brand TOTO
Length (cm) 72.5
Height (cm) 87.5
Width (cm) 38.4