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Adhesive & Finishing

Once you have chosen your floor or wall tiles, it's now time to install them using the correct tile adhesives and grout. We have a great selection of tile adhesive to choose from depending on the size & type of tile you have purchased. Whether you are tiling a wall or floor, inside or outside we have the right adhesive that will work for you. We have a wide range of tile grout colours, along with a range of accessories and tools to help you or your fundi complete the job.


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  1. -15%
    Stickatile Premium Ceramic Tile Adhesive - 25Kg
    was KES 625 Special Price KES 530
  2. -15%
    Stickatile Flexible Porcelain Tile Adhesive - 25Kg
    was KES 1,000 Special Price KES 850
  3. -64%
    Genesis Brass Matt Tile Edging Strip - 10mmX2.5m
    was KES 450 Special Price KES 160
  4. -64%
    Genesis PVC Red Tile Edging Strip - 10mmX2.5m
    was KES 450 Special Price KES 160
  5. -35%
    Genesis PVC White Straight Edge Trim - 12mmX2.5m
    was KES 420 Special Price KES 275
  6. -35%
    Genesis PVC White Retrofit Corner Protector - 25mmX25mmX2.5m
    was KES 330 Special Price KES 215
  7. -64%
    Genesis Aqua Green Tile Edging Strip - 10mmx2.5m
    was KES 180 Special Price KES 65
  8. -21%
    Genesis PVC Bright Gold Listello - 10mmX2m
    was KES 380 Special Price KES 300
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Adhesive: A Bond That Never Lets Go!

Once you have chosen your wall or floor tiles, it's time to securely fix them in place using tile adhesive, then you can let the grouting process to begin. Tile adhesive is like cement only that is much stronger with added chemicals and bonding compounds. The tile adhesives comes in a powdered form, all you will need to do is mix parts of adhesive powder with clean fresh water into a bucket and mix it to the right consistency.

Grout: The Finishing Touch

Grout can make a big difference to the look of your finished tiling project, so it’s important to choose the right colour for your style. When working with White Tiles, white or grey grout can be used to create a smooth seamless look and bring out the color of the tiles. We recommend you use darker grout on the floor and a lighter grout on the wall. This helps dirt to not show on darker grout, compared to a lighter grout which is preferred for the wall.

How Much Stickatile Tile Adhesive Do We Need?

Calculating the Adhesive Bags for your project is easy. See below:

If you have a standard 25 Kg adhesive bag, follow this easy formula to determine how many bags you need.

Measure area in square meters (m²)

Divide that by 2.4 m²

The result will give you the number of adhesive bags required.