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Discover the excellence of Atlantic Water Heaters, a globally renowned French brand that combines innovation, cutting-edge technology, and premium design. As experts in heating and home comfort systems, Atlantic has a wide range of reliable equipment, including water heaters, electric heaters, bathroom heaters, solar water heaters, and heat pumps.


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  1. -10%
    Atlantic O'Pro Undersink Water Heater - 10Ltrs
    was KES 20,120 Special Price KES 18,110
  2. -10%
    Atlantic Hot Water Cylinder- 15Ltrs
    was KES 23,700 Special Price KES 21,330
  3. -10%
    Atlantic Hot Water Cylinder - 120Ltrs
    was KES 44,580 Special Price KES 40,120
  4. -10%
    Atlantic Hot Water Cylinder - 100Ltrs
    was KES 39,010 Special Price KES 35,110
  5. -10%
    Lorenzetti Versatile Undersink Water Heater
    was KES 11,320 Special Price KES 10,190
  6. -10%
    Alpha Silver Water Heater Without Pump
    was KES 28,030 Special Price KES 25,225
  7. -10%
    Alpha Silver Instant Water Heater
    was KES 43,790 Special Price KES 39,410
  8. -10%
    Alpha Silver Instant Water Heater With Pump
    was KES 57,800 Special Price KES 52,020
  9. -10%
    Alpha White Water Heater Without Pump
    was KES 26,270 Special Price KES 23,645
  10. -10%
    Alpha White Instant Water Heater
    was KES 42,040 Special Price KES 37,835
  11. -10%
    Alpha White Instant Water Heater With Pump
    was KES 56,050 Special Price KES 50,465
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12 Items

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Key Features:

Reliable Performance: Atlantic Water Heaters are engineered for optimum comfort and efficiency. Whether you need hot water for a relaxing bath or daily household tasks, Atlantic delivers consistently.
French Expertise: With a unique know-how, Atlantic has established its reputation worldwide. From France to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Asia-Pacific, Atlantic continues to grow and deploy its cutting-edge solutions1.

Versatile Models: Explore our selection of Atlantic Hot Water Cylinders, designed to meet various household needs:

  • Atlantic Hot Water Cylinder - 100Ltrs: Ideal for smaller households, this 100-liter cylinder ensures a steady supply of hot water.
  • Atlantic Hot Water Cylinder - 120Ltrs: Slightly larger, this model caters to medium-sized families.
  • Atlantic Hot Water Cylinder - 80Ltrs: Compact and efficient, perfect for space-conscious homes.
  • Atlantic Hot Water Cylinder - 30Ltrs: Great for point-of-use applications or as a supplementary heater.
  • Atlantic Hot Water Cylinder - 50Ltrs: Versatile and reliable, suitable for different household setups.
  • Atlantic Hot Water Cylinder - 15Ltrs: Compact and energy-efficient, ideal for small spaces.
  • Atlantic OPro Undersink Water Heater - 10Ltrs: Conveniently fits under your sink, providing instant hot water for kitchen or bathroom use.


Why Choose Atlantic?

  • Energy Savings: Atlantic’s smart systems adapt to your consumption patterns, optimizing energy usage and potentially saving up to 20% on your bills.
  • Quality Assurance: Most of Atlantic’s range is manufactured in France, ensuring durability and performance.
  • Space-Saving Solutions: Whether wall-mounted or floor-standing, Atlantic Hot Water Cylinders fit seamlessly into your home.
  • Solar Compatibility: Consider the solar water heater option for eco-friendly and cost-effective hot water generation.


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